A solution that delays the replacement of your roof shingles

Sketch Nanotechnologies offers you an effective solution that seals, preserves and rejuvenates the shingles on your roof while extending its useful life by more than 10 years. Protect your shingle rather than replacing it!

  • 80 % savings compared to replacing a new roof
  • Full 10 year warranty
  • Certified installers available throughout Quebec
  • Proven product for the Quebec climate

The advantages of Thermo-Shield

Treat yourself to 10 years

From submission to application, we are the partner you need. Achieve a clear, non-yellowing, glossy finish for long-lasting results.

Weather resistant

The Thermo-Shield system preserves the existing shingle while reducing granule loss. The coating makes the coating flexible, which prevents it from cracking or peeling.

Saving money

Save significant costs by choosing the complete solution offered by Thermo-Shield rather than replacing the roof.

Ecological solution

Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, our solution is washable and resistant to dirt. After application, the coating becomes transparent and never yellows.

Who are we ?

Based on values ​​of innovation, collaboration and respect for the environment, Sketch Nanotechnologies is a rapidly emerging company that offers you complete solutions that improve the energy efficiency of your building, while reducing costs linked to ‘energy. We provide you with a vast network of franchisees, who offer proven and recognized guarantees, making our products a solution of choice.

Have you considered sealing the shingles on your old roof rather than replacing it? Our solutions are part of a spirit of massive waste reduction, to ensure a greener future for future generations.

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